Friday, February 19, 2010

GNS3 - install and configure VPCS to use with Linux (ubuntu) from here VPCS

2.extract and look for vpcs (vpcs.exe is for windows) terminal - issue command chmod +x vpcs

4.issue command gedit startup.vpc to configure the ip address, mask and gateway for VPCS.
   add same line like picture below

   put # for the rest of the line start VPCS use command ./vpcs (start)
   use show to see all the configured ip address gns3 -> edit -> symbol manager

7.choose pc symbol from 'available symbol' to 'customized nodes'
    on name = anyname ie, pc1
    on type = cloud
    click ok

8.drag n drop pc1 n pc2 in GNS3
    double click on pc1
    click on 'C0'
    go to tab 'NIO UDP'

7.go back to step 4
    now check n remember the LPORT n RPOR

8.resume step (7)
    on local port put rport value
    on remote port put lport value
    on remote host put
    click add
    do the same for pc2

9.add switch to test the connectivity

10.go to vpcs and ping to each others
     to navigate from 1 pc to another, simply type the number


  1. Perfect!!!!!

    Thank you for your help!!!

    my GNS3 on Ubuntu 11.04(amd64) is complete!!!

    Best ragards!

  2. thank u!
    its wonderfull manual!)

  3. you are great man

  4. Works fine on Linux Mint 12 (deb. release).
    Start with ./vpcs32 or use Wine.