Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Routes Lab 01

let's start a route lab, I don't really have a specific topic to focus on, but basically we will go thru three main topics related to OSPF, EIGRP and Redistribution (or maybe some others thing that might seems to be a good idea to be included along the way)

In this scenario, we have a HQ and two branch office. All three sites connected via 2 ISP (WAN), NetA for primary and NetB for backup. HQ and Moon sites have their own Internet gateway.

prepare your GNS topology as below diagram with (1) DLCI (2) GNS3 (3) IP scheme details

*please take note that I missed Loopback 0 for all the WAN routers.
rtra hq/moon/mars -
rtrb hq/moon/mars -

next lab we will start with Frame-relay configuration.
*please take note that first half of the upcoming labs will focus on Primary WAN which is NetA network, we will bring up the backup WAN later..

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